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Eatwell to Livewell
(Includes a 31 day meal plan, recipes, and a shopping list.)
"With this book you will get a peek at the entire meal plan that I use with my patients who have great results. You'll feel like a new you in just a few weeks! "
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Inside The Book

1.  Gain an introduction to eating well and build a strong foundation for disease prevention and reversal

2.  Decrease cravings

3.  Improve quality of sleep

4.  Have more energy and a steadier energy throughout the day

5.  Experience greater mental clarity and emotional stability

A Note From The Author
Stress changes the way we eat. Most people under stress tend to eat foods that convert to sugar quickly in the bloodstream including sweets and starches. This quick fuel can keep us going in emergencies, but too frequently becomes our fuel of choice for non-emergency times as well. While we are under stress, predictable physiological changes occur in which the mechanisms, which control blood sugar levels are taxed.
The Eatwell food plan is designed to counteract this trend and improve your body’s functioning while under stress by maintaining blood sugar levels. That is our focus of eating well to live well. The goal is to keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day so that you avoid the highs and lows that can add to your stress levels. If you eat properly you can maintain your blood sugar and maintain even energy throughout the day.
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